Changes I’m making to my design business for 2024

7 months ago

How is it already 2024? It feels like just yesterday I decided to take my design business seriously. Last week during the holidays, I sat down with myself and wrote down my goals and wishes for 2024. I’m bringing some game-changing shifts to my business, and I’m super excited to share them with you! Who knows, Perhaps this may inspire you to make bold business moves this year.

Taking in limited no. of clients

Honestly, I used to be that person who thought more clients meant more success. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t. I ended up feeling burned out and, let’s be real, not giving my best to anyone. I stretched myself waaaay too thin. The moment I had my son and realised how much of my time stripped away. Now, as a full-time mom and entrepreneur, I’m choosing to limit the number of clients I take on. This way, I can pour all my focus and creativity into each project. It’s about creating real relationships and serving my clients right, not just ticking boxes, getting paid and then signing off the project.

Niching Down Like Never Before

Okay, so this is big. I’m niching down – like, way down. I kinda knew this was coming but I was always hesitant to do this. But I know by shifting my offers to branding and websites, I’ll be fulfilling my purpose and I’ll be doing what I’m so passionate about. I’ll still be offering digital illustrations but as an additional service for those that worked with me on their brand identity or those that have their brand identity set. This is because it made it more challenging and harder to create illustrations that aligned with the brand’s mission and messaging. And for websites, I’m only choosing platforms that I know will truly elevate your brand. Which are Webflow, WordPress – for non-ecommerce brands and Shopify for e-commerce brands.

Embracing A.I.

I’m not afraid of AI; in fact, I’m pretty much hugging it. It’s transformed the way I handle my admin work – faster, smarter, and more efficiently. We’re talking about working smarter, not harder. AI tools have been a game-changer, giving me more time to focus on what I love: creating stunning brands and websites.

Being more authentic

Being more authentic is my mantra for 2024. I used to dread writing blog posts or posting consistently on social media. I felt this pressure to sound uber-professional and, like, super intelligent. But no more. I’m embracing my true voice – the one that speaks directly to you, just as I am. The one that I use to talk to my sister, to my friends when advising them about their business. I want to be real, connect on a more personal level, share my journey, share my insights and and knowledge for small businesses to benefit from.

Listening More (Because That’s Why I’m Here)

At the heart of it all, I’m here to listen. To understand the unique challenges you face as a business owner and to help solve them. This is why I created my design business in the first place. I don’t want to just design for you and deliver everything we created together; I want to be your partner in your business journey, help you keep growing and empower you to take those scary steps you have to take as a business owner.

I’m super excited for 2024. I’m confident that the new paths I’m taking will lead to more fulfilling, impactful work – not just for me, but for my clients too. I’m thrilled to share this journey with you, knowing that together, we’ll create something truly special. Here’s to a year of focused creativity, meaningful connections, and, above all, turning visions into vivid realities. 2024, we’re ready for you!

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