Heart-driven brand designs created through strategy to help
you connect with people that share your goals and values
Logo design isn’t just about “making things look pretty.” We think about the big
concept behind your brand, who you’re trying to attract, and how your brand identity can reflect that.

Brand strategy & design

Brand strategy & design

Brand strategy & design

Brand strategy & design

Brand strategy & design

Brand strategy & design

Brand Strategy & Design

Whether you’ve had your business for at least a year or you’re an established business, you now understand the value of branding and you’re ready to invest in your branding to align with your values and goals. This package is created to help your business evolve into your big vision, provide you with a wholly custom and seamless brand that will last through time.

what's included

Brand Discovery Workbook

Brand Strategy & Creative Direction

2-3 Logo variations

Colour palette

Typography pairing

Graphic elements

Brand Pattern

Brand Guideline

Launch – with a social media post and one-week social media planner

Duration: 4-6 weeks

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We don't have a one size-fits-all pricing. Every project has a different scope, needs different functionality, and has different goals.


social media
(additional 2-3 weeks)

Branded GIFs

Social Media Templates

packaging & print
(additional 4-6 weeks)

Packaging Design

Business cards


Thank you card

Invoice template





Brand Design process

Brand discovery & strategy

During this stage, we gather all information about your brand using a Brand Discovery Book and Discovery Call, which helps us to dive deep into your brand – knowing what problems it aims to solve and who it aims to help. Research is then conducted into the brand to develop a brand strategy. The brand strategy outlines your brand mission, goals, values, personality, target audience, competitor analysis and positioning strategy.

brand creative

We present one or two creative directions, guided by the findings of the brand strategy and our intuitive led design process.

design & feedback

Once a creative direction has been selected, the brand’s initial visual identity concepts will be developed. You will receive one brand identity concept, and the full visual identity will then be created. This will include logo variations, brand marks, typography, photography direction and deliverables outlined as per the chosen custom package.


Time to officially launch your brand! We’ll create your brand guidelines and export all deliverables outlined in your custom package, including a social media post that you can post to announce the launch! 


Ready to create a timeless Brand
that sparks an ever-lasting connection with your clients?

We’ll be there every step of the way. Contact us to start your custom project!

We only take on a handful of clients each year. And for that reason we are typically booked out a couple months in advance. If you have been thinking of working with us, reach out as soon as you can to secure your spot!
VIP Design Day

Skip the long waiting list, the back and forth long thread of emails, the 2-4 months of project timeline and have my undivided attention to have everything on your design wishlist done in a day with the same quality of a typical design project.