Classy Plates

Meet Classy Plates, a gourmet meal box service that brings restaurant-quality meals straight to your home. Classy Plates provide their subscribers with gourmet recipes with high-quality ingredients, ready to cook.

Their customers are paying for more than just a meal subscription — they’re also getting a luxurious experience that makes them feel like royalty. They want their customers to feel like they’re dining in an exquisite restaurant, even if they’re eating at home!

The Goal

The goal for Classy Plates was to create a brand that embodies elegance and simplicity, while attracting a new target audience looking for a luxurious experience. The old brand identity was attracting the wrong audience, and the messaging felt all over the place. 


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity (Rebrand)

Website Design




brand strategy & research

Since they wanted to attract a new target audience and get a more luxurious branding, I took a strategic approach to redefine their brand message and come up with brand visuals that resonates that. We rebranded to attract individuals and families who want to serve gourmet dishes at home, impress guests, and eat like royalty — all without going to culinary school. We aimed to make gourmet cooking accessible, allowing people to enjoy high-quality meals.

The inspiration came from upscale restaurants and classic culinary presentations. During the brand strategy, we discovered how much visual inspiration was drawn from the Netflix series The Menu (2022). The color palette was directly inspired by the sophisticated and luxurious tones featured in the series.

the process

We developed a sophisticated yet approachable brand voice. We drew the letters ‘C’ and ‘P’ in a cursive style and combined them to resemble the garnish leaves typically found on gourmet meals. This logo represents aesthetically presented gourmet meals that customers can now enjoy at home. The logomark features this symbol placed on a plate, adding to the overall elegant feel.

logo variations

packaging design

The packaging showcases custom patterns and the classy logo, making every meal feel special. The use of eco-friendly materials adds to the brand’s luxurious yet responsible image. 

Photography style

The photography style incorporates lots of blues and depicts happy dinner moments with friends and family. Often, the cook is dressed up in chef attire to emphasize the message of “bringing the chef out of you at home.”

website design

The Classy Plates website is designed to be as refined and user-friendly as the meal boxes themselves. We added a blog section to share recipes, cooking tips, and stories, fostering a sense of community among Classy Plates customers.