Frosted is the newest and best-est coffee and donuts shop to make all your mornings better! Whenever you need a good pick-me-up, Frosted will be there and ready to smother you in love and sugar!

This passion project is all about combining the comforting warmth of freshly brewed coffee with the joy of delicious, creatively crafted donuts. Frosted’s mission is to make people feel better and bring a smile to people’s faces – no matter how tired and hangry they are.

The Goal

The goal with Frosted was to build a brand that feels like a friendly, welcoming spot where classic flavors meet modern twists. I wanted to create a look and feel that draws in coffee and donut lovers and makes them feel right at home.


Brand Identity

Logo variations

Graphic elements

Website Design




The Process

I started by looking at popular coffee shops and bakeries to see what works and what doesn’t. I gathered ideas from both traditional and trendy places.I created a simple illustration of a wrapped doughnut and hot coffee cup to illustrate what Frosted is mostly famous for, that would then be used in the logo and in the brand pattern.
For the logo type, I used a rough, bold, retro font to mimic coffee stain.


Patterns are a big part of Frosted’s look. One standout design is a retro checkered pattern that adds a fun, nostalgic touch. These patterns show up everywhere to give the brand a unique and recognizable style.

The Packaging

The packaging had to be as cute and fun as the donuts and coffee. I took inspiration from retro coffee shops to design eco-friendly boxes and cups with our custom patterns and logo. The goal was to make the unboxing experience special for every customer.

The Website

The website is an online extension of Frosted’s cozy vibe. Key features include, Simple menus so customers can find what they need quickly, Beautiful photos and engaging content that tell Frosted’s story and a fun, easy-to-use menu that shows off their coffee and donuts.