Blooma is a flower shop run by a married couple who found each other through their shared love for the florist industry.

They wanted to fill in the gaps where other florists fell short, that’s why Blooma offers a selection of services for anyone wanting to spruce up their home, office or other spaces with the jewels of nature – flowers!

Customers can choose between stunning premade arrangements and bouquets, curate their own by mixing and matching, or leave it completely in the experts hands to make something custom.


Brand Identity, Logo variations, Graphic elements.


Floral & GIfts

the process

We wanted to create a romantic brand identity inspired by the timeless elegance of French style, focusing on a dark, cozy, and intimate vibe. Think classic Parisian boutiques with a touch of refined luxury and charm. Our goal was to make Blooma feel special and unforgettable, perfect for anyone looking for high-quality floral arrangements and a unique experience.

Colour palette

Royal sundance emerald green, which we gave the name ‘LUXE’, seemed to be the perfect memorable color, paired with romantic red, chic light pink, and beige to create an elegant and inviting atmosphere. Luxe became the primary colour and you’ll find it all over their branding.