The Palms Villa

The Palms Villa is a luxurious fictional private boutique hotel. Situated in the heart of Tanzania, Tanga, with stunning sea view and hidden between the majestic Peponi gardens of the Kwabada Forest park that are stretched behind the Villa, the Villa is a fusion of both traditional and modern Tanzanian and Italian culture. The original structure of the building was a colonial building which was then renovated to a luxurious modern villa, with interior styling that combines contemporary art, antiques and design.

the goal

The aim was to craft a brand identity that mirrors the villa’s luxury and evokes the serene, welcoming vibe of its natural surroundings. I wanted to position The Palms Villa as a perfect retreat that harmonizes modern comfort with rich cultural heritage.




Photography style 



creative direction

My vision for this project was inspired by memories of standing on a serene beach surrounded by lush greenery. The goal was to create a brand identity that mirrors the villa’s luxury and serene surroundings. I translated these experiences into mood boards and sketches, focusing on organic shapes, tranquil hues, and elegant typography. Since there were no real photos available, I used AI-generated stock photos to bring the brand to life.

the process

The building’s original hand-carved wooden shutters for their arched windows were a standout feature. Inspired by these unique elements, I created a memorable logomark featuring the arched window design to capture the villa’s historical essence. Additionally, I designed a secondary logomark depicting a palm tree and waves, reminding guests of the villa’s proximity to both the sea and lush green forest.

colours, pattern & icons

The colour palette features soft, earthy tones inspired by the natural surroundings of the villa. The repeating geometric pattern draws inspiration from the arched windows of the building, providing a cohesive visual element that ties the entire brand together. 

The icons, designed with a minimalist approach, depict various amenities and features of the villa. Each icon is simple yet elegant, ensuring they are easily recognizable and contribute to the overall luxurious feel of the brand.