The Palms Villa

The Palms Villa is a luxurious private boutique hotel. Situated in the heart of Tanzania, Tanga, with stunning sea view and hidden between the majestic Peponi gardens of the Kwabada Forest park that are stretched behind the Villa, the Villa is a fusion of both traditional and modern Tanzanian and Italian culture.The original structure of the building was a colonial building which was then renovated to a luxurious modern villa, with interior styling that combines contemporary art, antiques and design.


Branding, Logo variations, Graphic elements, Photography style, Stationary. 




My creative vision for this project was born from the memory of standing on a serene beach, surrounded by lush foliage. I aimed to craft a brand identity that would evoke that very essence—a place that welcomes with open arms, draped in tranquil hues, and adorned with meticulously curated amenities, each a testament to the art of hospitality and luxury.

the colour palette

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