Website design & development

Feel confident about your online presence & create an unforgettable experience for your audience

Careful thought and planning goes into every page, ensuring you’re not only connecting with your audience,
but also making a captivating experience and eventually converting their visits into sales.

The internet is ~super~ crowded and you want your website visitors to stay a little longer on your corner.

Maybe your current site feels like a maze, a labyrinth that’s leaving your audience lost in translation. Or perhaps it’s just not capturing your brand’s true essence, making it easy to scroll past. You’ve got seconds – just a few heartbeats – to captivate your audience and make them stay. You’re not just selling products; you’re building connections and trust that pave the path to organic sales.

Let’s be real – generic templates? They’re yesterday’s news. Your brand is anything but ordinary, and your website deserves to shine just as brightly.

With only a few seconds to capture attention, we craft a virtual journey that guides visitors through your brand story. Every click, every scroll – it’s all part of a narrative that builds trust and connections. Your website isn’t just a platform; it’s your brand’s biggest Marketing tool, creating relationships that naturally transform into sales.

Just leave me to do all the heavy lifting to build your website that represents you, is easy to update, and will leave you feeling confident in how you are represented online.

Imagine your website becoming your brand’s megaphone, shouting your story to the digital universe. Your audience doesn’t just visit; they linger, explore, and connect. We’re not about quick clicks; we’re about lasting connections that effortlessly transform into sales.

Complete Custom Website

Whether you already have a website that needs a makeover or you never had a website and need a new one built, this service is made for you to stand out amongst your competitors, to create a memorable experience for your audience, and to convert your visits to sales.

what's included

Website Strategy & content planning

Wireframe design

Website Development (Desktop, Tablet and Mobile version)


SEO setup – So people can find you easily on Google Search

Tutorial on how to maintain your website and how to use the website platform

Domain and hosting setup

Website Launch :3-6 countdown graphics to include in your launch and transfer of your website to your account.

Website platforms I recommend



elementor pro

starting at

USD 7,000

with flexible payment plans


2-3 months

Additional services

Once you’ve completed web design & development service with me, you can unlock the following retainer & a-la-carte:

ROI That's a Given.

Your website isn’t just a pretty face in the digital crowd; it’s your brand’s megaphone. We create a high-converting websites that your customers will connect, engage and come back to. Rest assured, your investment will come back to you with a return that’ll make you smile. From clicks to conversions, your website will be a powerhouse of ROI.

no cookie-cutter solutions here, love. only bespoke designs



Our journey starts with in-depth research, not just into your brand but your audience’s desires and needs. During this stage, I gather all information about your website requirements and website copy via a Strategy Session. I’ll research better ways to solve the problems you have with your website and the goals you want to reach using your website.

website creative direction

From there, we dive headfirst into crafting a creative direction for your website that connects and converts. Presenting moodboards, inspirations based on brand research and website strategy.

wireframe design

We’ll design the website’s skeleton (wireframe) to outline how your content will be displayed and your website’s navigation, all while keeping your audience’s journey in mind.

website mockup design

Now, the design takes center stage as we craft a website mockup, embellished with your fonts, colors, and graphics. 

website development (desktop)

We’ll finally develop the website on your chosen website platform and provide you with a preview to look through the website. 

Mobile & seo setup

The mobile side will be developed to flow easily and naturally. We will also setup the headings to be as SEO-friendly as possible.

website launch!

Your website gains a domain and a home, whether in your preferred hosting or ours. We include 3-6 countdown graphics to amp up the excitement.


Ready to create a high-converting Website that reflects your Brand and converts visitors to returning sales?


Let’s design your website that not only showcases your brand but propels it forward.

bespoke design solutions for small businesses