Wrappers is a sustainable and recycled hijab brand. The goal of this brand design project was to create a branding that communicates the main values what the brand represents and to create a visually coherent feel for the brand.


Website Design



Deeper meaning behind the design

I wanted to create a story for this brand. Wrappers makes hijabs from a versatile and sustainable raw material – Hemp, which uses way less water than cotton. They also support fair trade which means your money reaches the farmers and workers. They follow a direct trade policy where they invest in textile communities in developing countries to produce high quality sustainable hijabs. 

I customised the letter ‘w’ to mimic the scarf flipped over the shoulder. A sans serif font was used to make the brand appear more approachable & friendly.

The colour palette

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AFYA organic hair cosmetics is an all-natural premium hair care passion brand focused on making simple products using organically grown produce from Africa, that get the job done without harmful chemicals for textured hair, for both men and women.



Website Creation



Deeper meaning

Afya is a Swahili word that means “healthy”, “flourishing” and “wellness”.

I wanted to focus on keeping the branding minimal and luxurious to highlight the fact that the products would only include ingredients that are few and are good for your hair. I thought I’d combine icons that resembles a herb, drop of oil and Shea butter combined together to create an icon mark.

website design

Website platform used – WordPress

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